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10 most expensive logo & brand designs ever6 min read

May 30, 2019 4 min read


10 most expensive logo & brand designs ever6 min read

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We believe a design has to be an investment, not an expense, and the following examples prove it right.

Look at the following famous brands spending their money well on new designs which absolutely gained them success and a worldwide recognition.

#1 Symantec – $1,280,000,000

Symantec paid the shocking number of $1,280,000,000 on their currently sporting logo and branding.

The facts are telling that they actually purchased the acquisition of VeriSign.

This is a very famous check mark, which is very important because it represents authentication of security certificates (SSL) for websites. It is crucial for people’s trust.

We have to agree that Symantec made their chose wisely.

#2 British Petroleum Logo and Marketing – $211,000,000

The second most expensive logo was paid in 2008 by British Petroleum. The BP logo was a not-an-easy-redesign by Landor Associates.

It features shades of yellow and green, which represents the company’s dedication to being more “green”.

What makes this BP logo even more expensive is the most devastating oil spills in our history in the Gulf of Mexico.

So the logo became a far cry from the company’s aims. Although they are spending millions of dollars on damage control, the original logo still stands.

#3 Accenture Logo Design - $100,000,000

Once again, designed by Landor Associates, Accenture logo is simply but yet powerful. It consists of one word in lowercase and an accent mark above it.

The company was forced to change its name after leaving the Anderson Consulting Group.

Whatever the price of the logo, the outsourcing company bears some criticism. Some are saying that it is so simplified that it does not convey enough meaning.

However, the design was chosen after 50 other different options were rejected and it is yet instantly recognisable.

#4 Posten Norge Rebrand – $55,000,000

“Posten” means post in Nordic languages. Accordingly, the company provides postal services in Norway.

In 2008, they underwent a massive rebranding and marketing campaign which cost them a few dollars.

#5 Australia & New Zealand Banking Group Logo — $15,000,000

The graphic element of the ANZ logo creates an impression of movement.

The whopping amount was spent not only on a logo design, but also on a huge marketing campaign which continues almost two years.

They are the biggest bank in New Zealand, and the third largest in Australia, so the investment was not a big deal for them, right?

#6 British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) logo – $1,800,000

For a combination of three white block letters against a black background BBC paid more than a million and a half on its current rebranding.

One of the largest media groups in the world, based in London, holds the record of longest on-screen used logo from 1971 to 1988.

The clear letters in squares are currently a very popular identity.

#7 Pepsi Logo — $1,000,000

We can not find huge differences in the redesign of the logo. Though the company ended paying a million for it.

They kept the basic colors red, white, and blue, but the symmetry was changed. The old curves were transformed into new geometrical ones.

There are two main comments on it: first, that the current flat design trend was integrated. And second, that it is an attempt to challenge the most popular Cola brand globally – Coca-Cola.

#8 London 2012 Olympics logo – $625,000

Wolf Olins designed the logo of the London Olympics. After unveiling the logo, it was widely criticized for its “pathetic” design and “non-reflection of any of London’s cultural monuments”.

“My 5 years old kid draws better than this” was an anonymous comment for the $625,000 worth logo.

#9 City of Melbourne Logo Design — $625,000

London is not the only city decided to spend a huge amount on a logo design.

Melbourne new logo consists of sharp modern lines in blue and green shades. It is supposed to represent the corporate power of the city, and it does it well.

#10 Belfast Logo Design — $280,000

Belfast is another city which knows how to spend money. The logo variations are available in blue, lime, fuchsia, aqua, and maroon colours.

It can be interpreted either as a stylised “B” letter, or as a heart symbol, which is supposed to make the city more attractive to tourists and investors, and this way to gain higher reputation.