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5 things I learned during my UI/UX developer internship at Stan Vision3 min read

May 7, 2019 3 min read


5 things I learned during my UI/UX developer internship at Stan Vision3 min read

Reading Time: 3 minutes

I had my first computer in the 90’s, when the Internet was still called the World Wide Web. I was only three years old and had no idea how this grey tech box would change my experiences and life so far.

After one month as a front-end developer intern at Stan Vision digital design agency, I am eager to share with you some insights and here they are:

1. Small teams do it better

Putting all the front-end knowledge aside, in this article I am throwing some light on how a new team of only a few people could easily deliver high quality product designs which makes their customers happy.
What I learned is that it is not needed to have a huge team to make things happen.
Stan Vision’s team consists of only a few people who are not even working at the same place, but no matter the distance they keep their communication clear and their aims structured.
These things are helping them to meet their client’s needs faster and far more efficiently than bigger agencies do.

2. Quantity does not mean quality

Working on too many projects at one time could bring burning out of the team’s members, but this could not happen here.
The difference between Stan Vision and the other bigger companies at the market is that every employee is important and every project is a masterly piece of work.
Better work on a few bigger projects and deliver the best quality work you can, than win 20 projects at a time and be hard-pressed by unachievable deadlines.

3. Work like a woman, think like a man

Don’t get me wrong, I do not like stereotypes. However, in the IT world there is no place for deep thinkers and to be honest, women are more likely to be ones than men are.

If you want to get better in your day-to-day tasks as a developer, you must be able to think of as many solutions as you can, so as to solve an arised problem and get better results.
Keep it short and simple (KISS) theory works fine here. Clear your mind and stay focused, the rest of the work will do itself.

4. Step-by-step learning approach

As every new-in-the-job person, I wanted to catch up with the real work and was in a hurry to learn everything I can at ones. However, the Stan Vision’s approach was the better one.
I was thought that learning step-by-step makes you a better professionalist. First, I filled the gaps in my knowledge about HTML5 and CSS3, the next step was SASS, Bootstrap 4, and only then JavaScript.
After one month following this approach, I could proudly say that I feel more comfortable with the code than I was before.
The step-by-step approach is also an important part of the developer’s work. I learned how to build a responsive website faster, with no messy and unneedy code around. The steps to follow are: first, filling all the content on the page, second, ordering it, and third, making it align together in a beautiful and minimalistic way.

5. Simple is powerful

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”, said Leonardo da Vinci ones.

People at Stan Vision are driven by simplicity. They do not only follow the trends, they follow their own ideas which are achieved by:
state-of-the-art simplicity in the communication between the team’s members, in the product design, and in the product’s development.

The team does not waste its time in useless meetings just to make sure everything goes well. They have trust in each other, which nowadays is hardly achievable.
And yes, there is a beautiful mountain view from the office. Yes, there are a huge TV, a playstation, and many board games at the office. But you would never see those guys playing around with no purpose. As long as they have job to do, they would follow their goal: ingenious simplicity in delivering the product.