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Front-end vs. design – how to easily collaborate?3 min read

May 9, 2019 2 min read


Front-end vs. design – how to easily collaborate?3 min read

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If you are one of those people who think that combining two professions at once does not make you a professionalist at all, stop now. Those days are gone.

It is true that we should focus on just one field till we get good enough, but it is also true that in a year like 2019 the business requires us to at least understand the work our colleagues are doing. And now we’re going to explain you why.

The differences between the front-end developers and the designers are broadly enough discussed, but it seems like the reasons why a good collaboration between the two professions is so important for the final product and

how to actually collaborate

are not.

Let’s talk about the differences first.

A designer’s talent is focused on the visual representation and on the cues that tempt customers to get involved with the product further and further. Usually, a designer is not a coder and could not think in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, or PHP. Nope, this person thinks more about the user experience from a visual angle.

What a front-end developer does is to think about the user experience too, but the main knowledge is the code. That individual is working on the visuals as well, but his/her job is to get rid of long lines of code, to make sure the website’s optimization works fine, to debug, when needed.

A designer is more familiar with the project’s primary colors, shapes, and symmetry. A front-end developer is more familiar with color, border-radius, and flexbox.

Despite their differences, they both have the same goal:

to solve the problem of delivering a good looking website or an app.

They are also obliged to make one another’s work easier. But how?

By following these two simple, but important rules, we assure you that designers and front-end developers could speak the same language and actually collaborate.

First rule: Be open.

While the designer’s job does not include coding, it is the developer’s duty to provide him/her with some knowledge about how a concrete stage of the project could be done and what’s in the developer’s power to get things done.
Sayings like “Don’t worry, I’ll take care of it.” from both sides would only lead to a closer failure.
The collaboration needs sharing ideas from both sides.

Second rule: Give your feedback.

The strongest teams are those who are not afraid to work together.
Meaning this, it would be better if front-end developers are not afraid of the reactions when sharing their thoughts about the design.
Sometimes another person working on the same page could have a better look, a not-so-bad idea, or a different perspective which only needs to be heard.
Developers are strongly involved in specific parts of the design, so he/she could sometimes identify and minimise future issues.

At the end of the day it all comes to collaboration.

The current successful web design business needs specialists who are skilled in more than just one feed.
Designers who have at least basic knowledge of code, on the one hand, and developers who have knowledge of design principles, on the other.

That is why collaboration between the two means success. We have already told you how to get closer to it and why the two professions should not be strongly separated from one another.

So go for it!